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How To Find The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Over the last few years, house growing plants have made a roaring return. We can’t get enough of them! This is especially true of Millenials; we’re obsessed with becoming  “house plant parents.” But, this isn’t just an observation of ours, the stats back it up – with recent US houseplant sales increasing by 50% to a whopping $1.7 billion!

With that in mind, there’s a good chance you know a plant loving friend. If so, why not get them something they’ll really appreciate? Whether it be for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary…or just a random little something to show you care, we’ve got your back.

We’ve compiled a list of gifts we think outdoor and indoor plant lover of all ages will adore! If that sounds good to you, continue reading for some much-needed gift-giving inspo! Let’s dive in!

Get Planting

The obvious gift idea to get to houseplant lovers is something that encourages them to do what they do best…garden and/or marvel at their beautiful houseplants. So, we’ve kickstarted this list with a few suggestions that empower your plant lady to do precisely that – start an outdoor/indoor garden.

1. A Plant Gift Subscription

Did you know plant subscriptions are a thing? Well, now, you do. Just like you might subscribe to Netflix or your favorite magazine, you can also subscribe to a variety of plant subscription boxes. Take ‘The Sill‘ as an example. Every month they’ll deliver a different potted plant to your door.

Why not put a smile on your loved one’s face by purchasing a subscription-like this? The fabulous thing about ‘The Sill’ is that you can personalize your chosen package to suit the recipient’s unique situation. For instance, you can opt for:

  • Apartment-ready low-light options
  • Pet-friendly plants
  • Plants suitable for beginners
  • Medium size plants

These are just a few of the subscriptions they have on offer – but you get the idea. Or there’s the Bloombox club. They also offer a monthly plant subscription. Currently, they’re selling a six-month subscription for just £195. For this, they’ll send your plant loving friend a new potted plant every month, complete with a gorgeous ceramic pot and care card. T

he best thing about the Bloombox Club is that their plants are somewhat unique. Each month they’re picked for their rarity, quirkiness, or wow factor. Not to mention, all plants are sourced from carefully selected growers, which helps to ensure your loved one receives top-quality plants that stand the test of time.

2. A Herb Growing Kit

Does the person you’re buying for love to cook as much as they love plants? If so, a fresh herbs growing kit could be just the ticket. You can even get indoor plant set for those who don’t have gardener skills.

There are tons of kits to choose from – a quick Amazon search brings up loads! However, the more popular boxes include everything you need to plant your own herb garden. Including seeds, soil, and some sort of planter. It’s not uncommon to find kits with seed/bulbs that grow into the following herbs:

  • Basil
  • Coriander
  • Garlic
  • Chives
  • Parsley

Some sets even come with chalkboard labels. These come in handy for remembering which pot contains which herb!

3. Fun Ceramic Planters

There’s a good chance your plant loving friend has passions outside of gardening. So, why not get a fun planter that incorporates another side of their personality? Perhaps they have a favorite animal? Color? Hobby?

If so, see whether you can find a ceramic planter that embodies that. For instance, there are loads of llama-shaped ones. They’re adorable, fun, and bound to make any greenery and llama lover chuckle!

If this is the gift-giving route you want to go down, be sure to purchase something that’s decent quality. You want to ensure the planter you’re considering is leak-proof and locks-in any moisture. This is especially important if the recipient’s going to pot plans plants that don’t require daily watering, like succulents.

4. An Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

If your friend has a collection of exotic house plants, then an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is the ideal present (if they don’t already have one!). For the uninitiated, most popular house plants originate from places with tropical climates. They thrive in warm, humid environments that don’t necessarily mimic your loved one’s home.

This is where a humidifier like this is worth its weight in gold. This is even truer if the recipient lives somewhere where it’s always cold…or if you’re approaching winter. This could be j9ust what they need to ensure their beloved plants survive the colder weather.

These kinds of gadgets release moisture in the air. So, by placing a humidifier next to your plants, you’ll counteract any dryness. However, the humidifier’s tank size determines how many hours they’re effective for – so be sure to double-check this before making your purchase.

Top Tip: Flick through a few customer reviews before settling on a humidifier, paying careful attention to whether there are any complaints regarding its running sound. The last thing you want to do is buy your friend a gift that’ll annoy the heck out of them!

Other things to watch out for: Ideally, your chosen humidifier will also have an adjustable dial to control the speed of air release. That way, your loved one can adjust the settings to best suit their plant’s specific requirements. Plus, you’ll also want a device that comes apart easily for when it eventually needs cleaning (boring we know…but it’s still relevant).

Plant-Themed Apparel

What better way for your plant-enthusiast friend to show off their passion than with a few pieces of stylish plant-themed apparel? Here are a few ideas to help get the ball rolling…

A Fern-Print Scarf

There are tons of scarfs donning plant prints – it doesn’t have to be fern, that’s just a trend that caught our eye. The Royal Horticultural Society has tons of scarves with beautiful botanical patterns splashed all over them.

If you haven’t heard of them before, The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s largest gardening charity. So, when you purchase a scarf from this particular organization, your money goes towards funding plant-related education in the UK.

So, not only do you get to buy a fab present for your loved one, but you’ll also support a cause that we’re sure they’ll agree is a worthy – win-win!

Want A Hug? T-Shirt

Artisinal marketplaces like Not On The Highstreet and Etsy have a delightful array of plant-related t-shirts to choose from.

Everything from this cute Que Sera Sera Daisy Tee (now with 20% off!) to some that are slightly less SFW. Striking a perfect balance between the two is this: the Want A Hug? T-Shirt. Great for your friend with a prickly sense of humor, it comes in 28 different colors (so you’re sure to find something for even the pickiest of clothes buyers) and sizes RANGE from XS to 3XL for just $20.61 + postage.

Faith, the seller, is based in Arizona, US. Her online shop, FeroniaStores, has an impressive range of funny and heartfelt designs—why not check those out too before making your final decision?

Cactus Stud Earrings

Like these from ClaireHillDesigns on Etsy! Made OUT of gorgeous brushed gold, they make an excellent gift for any style-conscious plant enthusiast. Hurry, though, if you think they’ll be a hit … There are only three pairs left!

A Mini Cactus Ring

For your truly green-fingered friends! This charming, understated piece of jewelry is available with free shipping from Nordstrom.

It’s made out of sterling silver and finished with 14-karat-gold plating—so, even if their enthusiasm for plants is greater than their ability to keep them alive, it’s very low maintenance. No watering required, although a little bit of polish wouldn’t go amiss from time to time! Mini Cactus Ring, available in sizes 5-9: $58.

Enamel Pins

Want to add a bit of interest to your lapel? Put on an enamel pin. Maybe brighten up a plain black or white shirt? Match it with a brightly colored enamel pin.

Even scarves and handbags can be brought to life with a little quirky extra like, you guessed it, an enamel pin! So, with this in mind, it was hard to choose just one to recommend. Instead, we picked two which aren’t only pretty but are also so perfect for the plant person in your life. This fabulous fern pin from LittlePaisleyDesigns on Etsy.

Handmade in Britain and in high demand. There was only one left when we last looked—but if you miss out, don’t sweat it. This shop has plenty of other gorgeous plant and nature-inspired pins to choose from! This beautiful bell jar pin from Sparrow and Wolf on Not On The Highstreet. It contains cacti, succulents, and cute leafy plants, all outlined in gorgeous rose gold.

“You Grow Girl” Cap

Comfortable and chic, endearing, and empowering, this embroidered cap is available with FREE SHIPPING ACROSS THE US from BStarkDesign on Etsy.

It’s absolutely perfect for hot afternoons spent in the garden, tending to the plants. But, to be honest, its cute design and chirpy message will make it an A+ accessory all summer long. Get it for your outdoorsy mom or sister and watch them turn camping into glamping in this gray-green denim dream!

Botanical-Themed Homeware

If you’re hunting for a housewarming present for someone obsessed with all things plants, you can’t go wrong with any of the gift suggestions below:

A Cactus Print Mug

Just like what we said about the scarfs, it doesn’t have to be a cactus print. It could be any plant – perhaps your loved one’s favorite? However, cacti and succulents seem to be especially popular at the moment, so that’s why we honed in on that.

There are tons of mugs out there with fun, if not, humorous cactus prints. So, if they always have a cup of tea on the go while they’re gardening – this could be a perfect choice! Alternatively, if your friend is also an art lover, why not buy them a set of mugs with a famous plant-related scene printed on them? Maybe Van Gough’s Sunflowers? Or Monet’s Water Lillies?

Botanical Print Throw Cushions

There are loads of different-sized throw cushions boasting beautiful botanical prints. This could be the perfect present for jazzing up a bedroom or living space. You could even amp up the decadence by picking a luxurious fabric like velvet. Textured cushions with gorgeous prints make for ideal statement pieces and complement any room that’s home to a multitude of funky house plants.

Personalized Artwork of Their House Plants

Yes, this exists – and we love it! Brands like Florence and Ottie create beautiful hand-illustrated artwork, where they’ll feature your plants, pets, or whatever else you want.

Florence and Ottie’s prints are all finished with decadent gold leafing, making this gift as gorgeous as it is thoughtful for any special occasion. Just upload photos of your loved one’s house plants for them to work from, and they’ll get back to you with a gorgeously personalized work of art for you to gift. Simple, right?

A Terrarium Candle

You may have seen terrarium candles on Pinterest. We couldn’t think of anything better to give someone who enjoys winding down with a cup of tea, a lit candle, and of course, taking a seat in their favorite room surrounded by houseplants. You can even get scented terrarium candles like pine and vanilla, and jasmine and white tea – both of which smell gorgeous.

Plant Bookends

This is precisely what it sounds like – you can buy bookends that are…wait for it… plants! If you have a friend that’s as much a bookworm as they are a plant-lover – then look no further.

In the below picture, the bookends are made out of a terracotta-colored plastic pot, split in half with a couple of metal L-shaped plates. These serve to provide stability so that they adequately support your beloved books.

Experience-Themed Gifts

If the person you’re buying for is nuts about plants, why not gift them something that allows them to spend even more time with them…

Gardening Lessons

You can purchase gardening lessons, either online or in-person. If you’re gifting something to someone who’s super busy – then online sessions might be a more practical option.

There are plenty of different options on SkillShare. From Easy Gardening: Indoor Edible Plants, to How to Grow Sprouts & Microgreens, to How To Grow a Succulent Garden From Leaves – and loads in between, you’re bound to find an online gardening lesson that interests your friend.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to get them an in-person gardening lesson, then why not see whether there are any evening classes you could enroll them into? Or, perhaps, scour local Facebook groups to see if any local gardeners or nurseries offer these kinds of services? You’re bound to find something – it might just take a little time and effort!

A Night Away in a Plant-Filled Room

If you’re purchasing something for your significant other, perhaps you could treat them to a romantic getaway in a room full of their favorite things…plants, and of course, you.

We’re happy to report that some hotels do, in fact, offer plant-filled rooms! Take Kimpton’s urban jungle in Amsterdam as an example; here, you can spend the night in a place brimming with luscious plant walls for £180. You can even tend and water these plants yourself if you like!

Other Things They Might Like…

Perhaps the above gift suggestions haven’t quite hit the mark, but maybe these ideas will…

A Book for People Who Struggle to Keep Plants Alive

Just because someone loves plants, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any good at caring for them. If you have a friend who’s obsessed with botanicals but can’t even keep a cactus alive, then maybe a book like ‘50 Plants You Can’t Kill‘ would be appreciated.

Not only will this (hopefully) put your friend on the right track to finally becoming a successful plant parent, but it’s also a great option if you’re looking for a jokey gift. We’re sure a book like this is bound to make them laugh!

Mayan Mini Pots Crochet Kit

Is your friend crafty? Do they like to knit or crochet? If so, you could buy them a mini pot crochet kit for them to knit their pot plants a little jumper.

This is such a cute present for any quirky plant-lover. It would make for an especially fantastic gift around Christmas time, as it’ll help keep their pot plants warm as it gets colder. The set below includes all of the following:

  • Two 100g of S&S The Chunky Wool (100% merino)
  • A 6.5 mm bamboo crochet hook
  • The Mayan Mini Pots pattern
  • A sewing needle
  • Basic crochet instructions

A Cocktail Garden Book

Does your friend enjoy a cocktail or two? If so, consider gifting them a book of cocktail recipes. Perfect for those plant lovers with a herb tray or garden—because they’ll already have some of the key ingredients on hand!

‘The Cocktail Garden includes fabulous recipes from Ed Loveday as well as stunning illustrations by Adriana Picker. This book offers a herby approach to cocktail making, with a special focus on seasonal produce and flavors (zingy citrus in the summer, crisp apple in the fall, warm notes of sage in the winter).

So, there’s no reason for your glass to be empty, no matter the time of year! Buy now from Amazon, or any book retailer worth its salt (and lime and tequila), and the lucky recipient might even shake and stir you something delicious to say thank you.


Last but not least, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about ‘how to find the best gifts for plant lovers.’

Question: The Best Plants to Give As Gifts

Answer: When you gift someone a bouquet, as beautiful as they often are, inevitably, they’ll die. This is where giving someone a plant is so much better, as providing they take decent plant care for it, they’ll enjoy your gift for years to come. If you’re unsure which plant to give a loved one to, here are a few popular options below: – Pothos Ivy. – Fruit Trees. – Amaryllis. – Paperwhites. – African Violets. – Orchids. – Rosebush.

Question: How do you mail someone a plant?

Answer: First off, you need to pick a box robust enough to handle rough treatment. This increases the chance of your plant getting to its recipient in one piece. Also, when selecting the right size box, choose one that’s just large enough for the plant to sit inside. You don’t want room for it to slide around. If there’s excess space inside the box, add some extra cushioning.

You don’t have to use anything fancy – old newspaper will do. Just scrunch it up and fill in any pockets of space. If it’s a potted plant, protect it in bubble wrap. We suggest placing a collar of cardboard over the soil and the base of the plant. Then secure a plastic bag around the bottom to ensure the earth remains inside the container. Last but not least, reinforce the edges of the box with strapping tape to add an extra layer of protection.

Question: Is a plant a good birthday gift?

Answer: In short, yes! You might think we’re biased (and we probably are), but genuinely speaking, plants are a fabulous gift to give someone on their birthday. Not only is a plant ideal for adding a splash of color and beauty to someone’s home or garden, but it’s a gift that (if cared for properly) will span the test of time!

Question: What plant represents new beginnings?

Answer: If you’re trying to find the perfect plant-focused gift for someone about to embark on a new chapter in their life, say a new home, job, an engagement, a pregnancy, etc., you can’t go wrong with daffodils. These flowers are well-known for their association with new beginnings and rebirths – which is why they’re so commonly given at Easter and New Year.

Ready to Purchase a Plant-Lover the Perfect Gift?

We hope having read this buyer’s gift guide you now have a better idea of what gift to get your plant-loving friend, family member, or colleague. Whether it’s a fun piece of apparel or a real-life experience, we hope we’ve provided an insight into the kinds of gifts out there across a variety of price points.

Which will you go for? Did any, in particular, jump out at you? Let us know in the comments box below!

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