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Best Stress Relief Gift Ideas: Find Out Here!

We all feel stressed now and again. It’s a natural feeling and response to situations we find difficult or dangerous. But for some people, stress can really impact their life to a point where it becomes debilitating, hard to manage, and affects their day-to-day. 

There’s a good chance someone in your life is experiencing stress. In fact, in 2018, as many as 74% of people said they felt stressed, overwhelmed, or unable to cope at some point in the year. These nasty feelings can arise for a multitude of reasons: work, school, college, family, the list goes on…

If you’d like to help that person by showing you care with a thoughtful and carefully chosen gift, you’re in the right place. You don’t need a hefty-sized budget; even a small gift can help you connect or reconnect with someone you know is suffering. 

In light of all that, we’ve taken some time to list a few perfect pick-me-ups for someone experiencing stress. 

Let’s dive in!

How Do I Find and Pick a Gift for Someone Suffering from Stress?

First off, there’s one critical thing to remember. Buying a gift for someone suffering from stress isn’t a magic wand that makes it all go away.

But, what it is, is a way to demonstrate you care.  Buying a gift for someone with stress is just like picking a present for any other person. However, in this blog post, we’re suggesting ideas that may soothe your loved one. For that reason, our gift guide will focus on presents that encourage relaxation and stress relief. 

We hope we offer something suitable for all budgets. It’s not a catch-all gift guide, just a few ideas that we hope hit the mark. It’s always important to focus on the person you’re buying for before choosing a gift.

Take a moment to think about what they’ll enjoy. For example, if someone hates gadgets, there’s no point in buying them one – even if it’s somehow related to stress-relief!So, be sure to consider what the intended recipient likes and derives pleasure from… and then head in that direction. Simple, right?

1. Relaxation Gifts

Scented Candles

Smell is the strongest of our senses, so it’s no wonder aromatherapy has been used for centuries to invoke a sense of calm to reduce stress and anxiety. Typical fragrances associated with stress-relief include lavender, jasmine, lemon, and camomile.

There’s a broad range of de-stress candles to suit all budgets available on Amazon. We especially love this Voluspa Limited Edition Cut Glass Jar Candle, which comes in a variety of scents, including Lavender from Anthropologie.

So, how about a scented candle for your loved one? After all, we can never have too many smelly candles, right? 

Bath Salts 

Taking a warm or hot bath at the end of a long and stressful day is fantastic for unwinding the mind and muscles, making it ideal for easing both physical and psychological tension.

With that in mind, you could buy some good quality bath salts. For example, Himalayan Bath Salts infused with pure CBD oil from CBD Live Natural and /or other essential oils that promote a sense of wellbeing and calm.

Cozy Pajamas

Typically, if someone’s stressed out, they aren’t sleeping as well. In fact, around 75% of people suffering from stress struggle to enjoy good-quality sleep.

So, how about a good quality pair of cotton pajamas boasting a high thread count? These are bound to feel soft to the touch and luxurious against the skin. After all, we all need to feel comfortable when our head hits the pillow at night.

Take a look at this pair of classic white pajamas made from high-quality cotton from The White Company. Or if you prefer less traditional sleepwear and rather something more upbeat, try this vegan-friendly, ethically-made pair of Sunrise Embroidered Long Sleep Pajamas in Indigo from Print Fresh.

To make this gift personal to the recipient, carefully think through your chosen design. Do they have a favorite color? Food? Animal? Can you relate these pajamas to an in-joke? Either way, loungewear for those lazy movie nights are often a much-welcomed gift.  

A Jade Roller

Jade has a long association with feelings of peace and calm, which is what makes jade rollers so nifty. These little tools are perfect for massaging facial muscles, and some even say they help drain away nasty toxins from your complexion.

The fresh feel of crystal on the face can induce feelings of calm, making it the perfect addition to anyone’s morning of nighttime routine- especially if you’re suffering from stress! It also has the bonus of reducing under-eye puffiness if your stressed-out friend isn’t sleeping too well.

Our favorite is this Himalayan Jade Stone Roller from Roselyn Boutique.

2. Experience Gifts

A Boat Trip

Several studies show being around water induces feelings of peace and calm. In Indian and Chinese cultures, water is thought to promote balance in the body, encouraging physical harmony, cleansing, and clarity.

So, why not invest in a day trip on a lake, river or seashore? It’s a great way to spend the day, giving any over-exerted brain some much-needed chill-time.  Check out Virgin Experience Days to see what they have to offer!

A Night Off 

Every now and then, we all feel as though we never have time to kick back and just forget our endless “to do” lists. So, how about gifting your friend precisely that with a night away in a special hotel or lodge?

There are hundreds of lovely hotels and guest houses out there and plenty of discount sites for last-minute bookings, like,, and

Alternatively, if you have a specific hotel in mind, just visit its website and see if it has any deals that suit your needs. Many of which offer discounted prices or even mid-week packages. Do some research into this idea – it might be cheaper than you think! 

A Foot Reflexology Massage

Different cultures around the world have long believed in the powerful properties of a foot massage. In Chinese medicine, different body parts correspond with varying points of pressure on the body, including our feet.

Our feet have more than 7,000 nerve endings, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles, and 26 bones! So, if the above theory is correct, a foot reflexology massage is sure to reduce stress, invoke a sense of wellbeing, and lift the mood. Treat your beloved to a reflexology foot massage to take the strain away. 

Your best bet is to find an experienced and registered reflexologist in your area by checking The Reflexology Association of America.

3. Gadget-Style Gifts

A Stress Toy

Stress toys have been around for decades, from the traditional and ubiquitous stress ball to the more modern wire head massager or moldable colored putty.  There are literally dozens of ideas on the internet, and most won’t break the bank. So, if you’re looking for a small, fun gift – this could be a perfect choice! 

Our personal favorite is this aromatherapy infused therapy dough created by Cammie and Kip Weeks from Uncommon Goods. You can choose from lavender, orange or peppermint scents, and colored dough that comes in a cute tub. Or, if you prefer a straightforward squishy style stress toy, try this adorable rainbow-colored stress ball from Bando.


Is your loved one’s morning and evening commute marred by endless noise from other people’s phones, music, and chatter? Or do they work in a job where the noise around them prevents them from working to their full potential?

If so, a noise-canceling pair of headphones could be the answer.

If your budget is no holds barred, we’re big fans of these Dr. Dre Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. If, however, like most of us, you’re feeling the pinch, there are plenty of in-ear and over the ear options that you can search for here.

These would enable your friend to listen to calming tunes or a de-stressing podcast as they travel. Alternatively, head towards a pair of noise-canceling earbuds they can wear while they’re sleeping. This could be an especially thoughtful gift if the recipient’s recently moved into unfamiliar surroundings heaving with the buzz of traffic and other environmental sounds. 

Svet Light Bulb

Also known as a health-friendly LED light bulb, it’s basically a bulb that mimics natural light. Most of us are exposed to lots of unnatural light, especially in offices. The Svet bulb is flicker-free and is thought to reduce stress, promote better sleep, and increase your general wellbeing by normalizing your biological block.

How? Well, the bulb automatically adjusts the amount of light it emits, depending on the time of day. How neat is that?!  

4. The Gift of Time

We love a gift as much as the next person, yet offering someone who’s feeling stressed out your time, can go a long way to showing you’re prepared to help them, and above all, listen to how they’re feeling. 

So, here are a few ideas on utilizing the gift of time:

A Film Night for Two

Everyone streams movies these days, but how about sourcing your loved one’s favorite all-time top 3 movies on DVD, or a film that means something to the both of you? Then go and hang out with them to watch them together, armed with a bucket full of popcorn and their favorite drink. 

Dinner for Two

If your friend has kids and can’t get a sitter, cook them their favorite meal/order takeout from their favorite restaurant and have it delivered to their home for the two of you to enjoy when the kids are in bed. Everyone loves a good feed, especially when it’s cooked by someone else!

A Spa Day/Afternoon

If your friend can’t commit to a day, buy them a voucher for a spa day for the two of you. There’s nothing like an aromatherapy massage to soothe away stress and anxiety!

5. Lifestyle Gifts

A Journal or Diary

Choose a beautifully designed and bound journal for your stressed-out friend. Here they can annotate or purge their thoughts and feelings as and when they choose—using a journal to decompress working wonders for clarifying thoughts and feelings, finding a solution to a problem, and processing your thoughts.

Just getting your emotions out of your head onto paper can counteract the feelings of stress. So, why not encourage your friend to give this a try?

This Maddie and Co Personalized Journal Diary is the perfect gift. You can choose the color it’s bound in and have it laser engraved with a message of your choice.

A Soothing Gift Set

Imagine the kinds of things your friend likes and put them all together in a homemade hamper. For example, your basket could be an amalgamation of gifts we’ve already suggested, like the candle, bath salts, and a voucher for a massage.

This gift is jam-packed full of lovely treats and shows you’ve thought about your stressed-out friend’s favorite things. This is bound to put a smile on their face! 

Alternatively, if you, too, are time short, we suggest this little cutie if your friend also happens to be a mom. It’s a Mom Survival Pack, stuffed with goodies including sleep salve, aromatherapy spray, and some relaxing bath salts.


We love it. It’s comfortable, it’s soft to the touch, and it feels totally luxurious. While this might not be within everyone’s budget, buying your friend a decadent cashmere gift like a comforting pair of cashmere socks, gloves, or a scarf, makes for the perfect lifestyle gift for any season. 

If you’re worried about the cost, check out Etsy, this online marketplace has tons of choices to suit all wallets.

A Hammock

Nothing represents tropical dreams more than a hammock. If your loved one has a couple of trees in their garden, you could go for a traditional style hammock. Alternatively, there are dozens of modern hammocks that come with stands, so your friend can chill out in peace and quiet in their garden and lull themselves to sleep. 

6. Online Gifts

Of course, you can’t wrap these in a cute basket with a bow on the top, or in some fabulous looking tissue paper, but online gifts may be the perfect choice for a stressed-out person on the go.

Apps and Podcasts

There are thousands of apps and podcasts to choose from, and most are free. Take the time to research a few well-reviewed ones to recommend to a friend. Perhaps ones that either promote sleep and relaxation? Or ones that help you live a more mindful and positive life?

Some apps offer a paid-for option for more tips and support, and as a gift, you could unlock these for the intended recipient. 

Here are just a few app suggestions to help you get the ball rolling:

  • Sleep Time
  • Relax & Rest Guided Meditations
  • Stop, Breathe & Think

Each has their own take on how to take time out and decompress, which we’re sure anyone suffering from stress will appreciate!


If your loved one is worried about money, how about taking out a six month or annual subscription on their behalf to a movie or music streaming service? Watching their favorite show on Netflix or Amazon, or some standup comedy, or dancing to their favorite tunes on Spotify are all fantastic ways to work off stress! 

FAQs About Stress Relief Gifts

I’m not sure what stress means, can you explain?

Stress is how your brain responds to challenging circumstances, be they short or long term. Someone can feel stressed because of a life-changing event such as divorce, moving home, or a death in the family. Stress can also be a result of work or a complicated relationship or any situation where we generally feel like we have no control over our lives. Stress affects every single one of us in different ways. 

Not all stress is bad.

Of course, if your brain and body sense danger or a threat, stress is a natural and understandable response. The same goes for facing daunting job interviews or taking an exam; pressure often helps motivate and energizes us to perform well. 

How does someone feel when they’re stressed? 

Stress is a personal experience, and as such, what we experience during periods of stress can vary. In terms of emotions, you may feel the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Frustration

It’s also not uncommon for these negative feelings to manifest themselves into physical symptoms like headaches, muscle tension, nausea, poor digestion, and insomnia. At the same time, the above emotions may also prompt behavioral changes. Often, people suffering from stress report becoming more withdrawn, indecisive, irritable, tearful, and/or stubborn.

What should be in a stress relief basket?

We touched on this above, but this is something that gets asked a lot. So we thought we’d provide a few other ideas on what to include in a stress relief/self-care hamper:

  • Bath bubbles, scrubs, and salts.
  • Luxurious shampoo or conditioner.
  • Scented candles.
  • A cozy bathrobe
  • Slipper socks.
  • A CD with relaxing music or a mixed tape of their favorite songs
  • Art supplies.
  • A good book
  • Soothing tea bags, perhaps chamomile or mint?
  • Their favorite sweet treats.

How do you calm a stressed person?

Unfortunately, the only person that can work to manage their stress and calm down is the one feeling the strain. However, there are several things they can try to do to counteract their tension.

For example:

  • Take ten deep, slow, calming breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  • Admit that you’re feeling stressed. Once you acknowledge the negativity, you can then work to pinpoint the root of your stress and take action against it reoccurring.
  • Challenge harmful thoughts – what’s making you stressed? Is it a reasonable response? How could you react differently?
  • Release your stress by exercising – go for a run, join the gym, try a new exercise class. Trust us, the much-needed endorphin high will work wonders to ease your stress, and helps to promote better overall health – win-win!
  • Try to visualize yourself being calm.
  • Listen to music and dance it out!
  • If possible, try to change your focus by doing or talking about something else.

Ready to Purchase One of These Stress-Busting Gifts?

We hope this buyer’s guide has provided you with the inspiration you were looking for. At the end of the day, you know your loved one best. So, trust your gut. We’re sure that whatever you pick for them is bound to be a ray of sunshine in what’s probably a cloudy time for them.

Which one of these gifts tickled your fancy? Let us know in the comments box below; we’d love to hear from you!

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