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12 Best Gifts for the Quilter in Your Life

Quilts are some of the best presents ever. You won’t even need gift guides if you could quilt your way to everybody’s hearts. You probably have one gifted to you by a loving family member – and more than likely it’s hand-sewn by one of them too! More than keeping you warm and comfortable on cold nights, quilts might evoke memories of your childhood – a loving family, a happy home, and a time when everything in life was much simpler.

If you know a friend or family member who makes quilts today, understand that they’re creating those warm, homey memories for a new generation. This gift guide is in the business of making their craft of spreading love and warmth more inspiring and fun to do!

How to shop for quilters

It might be hard to decide what to get quilters when you don’t know the first thing about quilting! Below is a brief outline of the quilting process to help you understand what quilters use and need in their craft.

1 – Start with the right tools

Quality crafts begin with quality tools, and quilting is no exception. Here are some essential tools no quilter can be without: fabric shears, scissors, rotary cutters (and blades), self-healing gridded cutting mats, acrylic rulers, seam rippers, clips and pins (and a pincushion), hand-sewing needles, sewing machine needles, and yes, a good-quality sewing machine!

This list alone can point you in the right direction of what to get a quilter – though, of course, we strongly recommend you read on to see our best picks!

2 – Choose your fabric

Obviously, the fabric is fundamental in quilting. But there are so many options, from fabric type to design, that simply walking into a fabric store might overwhelm you!

Common fabrics used in quilting are quilter’s weight cotton, home decor weight cotton, and quilter’s linen. Quilter’s weight cotton is perfect for sewing quilts that will be used as blankets, while home decor weight cotton is slightly heavier and is better suited for quilting projects that will be kept on display. Quilter’s linen is a cotton fabric that mimics the look and feels of linen, to add texture to your projects without worrying about fabric incompatibilities.

Fabric patterns come in large-scale print, medium-scale print, and small-scale print. A tasteful quilter will mix and match these designs to create balance in their quilt, as well as use color theory to choose shades that will complement each other.

3 – And batting

Batting is the stuffing between the top and bottom layer of a quilt that makes it warm, soft, and comfy. There are many types of batting to choose from: cotton batting, polyester batting, bamboo batting, wool batting, blended batting, thin loft, thick loft, plush, and more! Warm and natural cotton batting is a popular choice for quilting projects, as it is accessible, eco-friendly, and will serve both functional and decorative purposes.

4 – Make blocks

The basic unit of a quilt is the block. Traditionally, quilts are used as bedspreads or blankets, and it’s difficult to work on a large-scale project like that linearly. Instead, quilts are made by the block. Each block can be worked on separately, then arranged later on like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to build the entire design.

Gifts that help during this stage are cutting and measuring tools made with precision in mind. The fabric is typically cut using a rotary cutter and a self-healing gridded mat to create perfectly straight edges. Shapes and blocks with uneven edges will result in uneven quilts!

5 – Sew them together!

Once the quilt blocks have been made individually, it’s time to put them all together to create the whole blanket (or another project!).

This is where a quality sewing machine and thread comes in. Choosing the right thread is paramount in good quilt design. Brightly colored or patterned quilts will call for a thread in a matching or unobtrusive shade in order to let the design take center stage. Quieter patterns, however, allow the thread to be part of the design.

Ensure your quilter friend has lots of colors and weights of thread to choose from, and you’ll be giving them the gift of possibility. More thread means a wider array of quilting projects they can create

Your Guide to Best Gifts for Quilters

A dozen gifts for your quilter friend, for every stage of the quilting process – and more besides!

A hardworking tool for the hardworking quilter

1 – Omnigrid Portable Cutting and Pressing Station

Available from Amazon for $28.93


First thing – quilting isn’t a hobby confined to space at home! Quilters often meet in sewing classes or sewing circles. That entails schlepping all their stuff – fabric, thread, sewing machine, and notions – into a bag and out of the house whenever they have a quilting date. The Omnigrid Portable Cutting and Pressing Station is a quilter’s best friend in that regard!

Of course, your quilter friend can also choose to lay it out as a permanent fixture on their workspace. One side is a self-healing gridded cutting mat, allowing them to cut and measure projects without dealing with large, bulky mats.

The other is a non-stick surface for ironing. The smooth silver surface is stable and thick – no need to worry about the iron burning through or pressing creases into the fabric instead of out of it. Its tabletop size is so convenient; they don’t have to bust the full-sized ironing board out of the closet when they only need to iron a few squares.

The whole thing folds neatly in half for easy storage – making this an economical gift in both price and space.


  • One side is a gridded cutting mat
  • Another side is a non-stick pressing surface
  • Folds in half with tabbed Velcro closure
  • Carrying handle for portability
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Dimensions when laid flat: 19 x 0.8 x 26 inches
  • Dimensions when folded: 19 x 0.8 x 13 inches


  • Very portable – easy to take anywhere and takes up very little storage space when not in use


  • Might still be too large for your work table when fully laid open

For cutting-edge quilting innovation

2 – Lyfstyle Rotating Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Available from Amazon for $24.95

A company dedicated to innovating next-level products, Lyfstyle refined the concept of your usual square mat and upgraded it to this circular rotating one! All the same ease of measuring and cutting, except this mat rotates on a base to make adjustments to cutting more exact and comfortable. Its circular shape ensures no corners are catching on your stuff when it spins. On top of that, they’ve added finger grooves to make turning the mat more ergonomic and precise.

Lyfstyle promises that the mat won’t warp over time, unlike many other brands out there. This rotating cutting mat is designed so that the top and base sections won’t separate. The non-slip base holds well to tabletop surfaces to make sure your mat won’t move during crucial cuts. The mat itself has thicker self-healing outer layers so you’ll get more mileage from it than other mats.  Give your quilter friend this ingenious rotating self-healing cutting mat from Lyfstyle for more quilt cutting fun in all directions!


  • Newly designed with finger grooves for easy positioning
  • Will not warp over time
  • Non-slip base holds the rotary mat steady while in use
  • Top section attached to the base so it won’t come apart if you spin it
  • Spins smoothly in full 360-degree turns
  •  Dimensions: 15 x 0.2 x 15 inches
  •  Weight: 1.19 pounds


  • Circular cutting mat takes up the same amount of space on the table no matter how you spin it (unlike square cutting mats)


  • The material may smell a little upon first use

For tasteful neutrals that will go with everything

3 – Gray Matters Fabric Collection from Keepsake Quilting

 Available from Keepsake Quilting for $9.99

You’re probably wondering why we’re recommending this collection of blacks, whites, and grays instead of a psychedelic selection of fabrics. But taste in color is subjective – what combinations we could recommend you to get might not be what your quilter friend is into. (Pastels? Brights? Jewel tones? Patterns or solids? We’d need a whole other gift guide just to explore all the options!)

What every quilter will need but will never have enough of are neutrals. The Gray Matters Collection features fabrics in small- to medium- scale prints in lovely tones of black, white, and gray.  Give this collection of neutrals to your quilter friend and let them play around with color according to their taste. Meanwhile, when they’ve got just the right fabrics for accents, fillers, and quiet backgrounds to balance out their colorful designs, they’ll thank you.

The Gray Matters Collection features 14 different fabrics from P&B Textiles.


  • Collection: Gray Matters and Basically Hugs
  • Collection Count: 14 fat quarters, 28-piece 5″ charm pack, 28-piece 2 1/2″ x 44″ strips or 28-piece 10″ squares
  • Manufacturer: P&B Textiles
  • Fabric Type: Cotton Print
  • Fabric Size: Fat quarters – 18″ x 22″

Included Fabrics:

  • Heart Stripe Fabric by the Yard
  • Snail Fabric by the Yard
  • Dot Fabric by the Yard
  • Large Snail Fabric by the Yard
  • Light Honeycomb Fabric by the Yard
  • Small Dot Fabric by the Yard
  • Light Screen Fabric by the Yard
  • Medium Gray Screen Fabric by the Yard
  • Gray Chain Link Fabric by the Yard
  • Medium Honeycomb Fabric by the Yard
  • Dark Honeycomb Fabric by the Yard
  • Dark Dot Fabric by the Yard
  • Dark Swirl Fabric by the Yard
  • Dark Chain Link Fabric by the Yard


  • Useful collection quilters won’t immediately think to build – you’ll rarely find anyone heading to the fabric store saying “Today, I’m only going to buy neutrals”!


  • Additional yards of each fabric will have to be ordered separately from the store

4 – Basic Essentials Fabric Collection from Keepsake Quilting

Available from Keepsake Quilting for $14.99

This second collection features more of the same – neutrals all around, but this time, with a pop of color in bold red! The Basic Essentials Fabric Collection is composed of 21 different fabrics in patterns of black, white, gray, and red. The neutral fabrics make excellent fillers, backgrounds, and accents to their creations, and the red fabrics add a vibrant dash here and there!

The Basic Essentials Fabric Collection features 21 different fabrics from Wilmington Fabrics.


  • Collection: Essentials
  • Collection Count: 21 fat quarters, 42-piece 5″ charm pack, 42-piece 2 1/2″ x 44″ strips or 42-piece 10″ squares
  • Manufacturer: Wilmington Fabrics
  • Fabric Type: Cotton Print
  • Fabric Size: Fat quarters – 18″ x 22″Included Fabrics:
  • Red Filigree Fabric by the Yard
  • Gray Vine Fabric by the Yard
  • Cream Paisley Fabric by the Yard
  • Black Stone Path Fabric by the Yard
  • White Paint Splatter Fabric by the Yard
  • Dark Red Stone Path Fabric by the Yard
  • Gray Dot Fabric by the Yard
  • Cream Daisy Fabric by the Yard
  • Black Rice Fabric by the Yard
  • White Snow Fabric by the Yard
  • Red Chopsticks Fabric by the Yard
  • Light Gray Chopsticks Fabric by the Yard
  • Cream Ring Fabric by the Yard
  • Black Swirl Fabric by the Yard
  • White Filigree Fabric by the Yard
  • Red Petals Fabric by the Yard


  • Again, neutrals are a smart but mostly overlooked investment! The pop of ed is just an eye-catching bonus.


  • Additional yards of each fabric will have to be ordered separately from the store

For easy cutting fun that comes in all shapes

5 – AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter Starter Set

 Available from Amazon for $129.99

Cut time. Quilt more. So goes the motto of the AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter!

This baby boasts that it can cut up to four layers of cotton fabric perfectly in one go – more if the fabrics are thinner.

The GO! Baby Fabric Cutter makes cutting out shapes and patterns for quilting projects fast, accurate, and easy-peasy. Just layer the die, fabric, and cutting mat on the belt of the machine, push the lever to move the fabric through the cutter, et voila! Remove your perfect, die-cut fabric shapes on the other side!

The starter set includes the AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter, two 6 x 6-inch dies, a 6 x 6-inch cutting mat, and an idea book to inspire you to invent some new block patterns of your own. The Go! Baby Fabric cutter is compatible with any 6 x 6-inch die, and you can get up to 175 designs from the AccuQuilt store. These are perfect for your smaller projects, such as lap quilts, small wall hangings, and the like.

The GO! Baby Fabric Cutter’s portable, compact design makes it a cinch to store when not in use, and it’s the perfect size to accompany a quilter to class or tea with the sewing circle. If you need the same ease of use and precise cuts in a bigger size, a 10 x 10-inch fabric cutter is also available from the AccuQuilt store.



  • AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter
  • (2) 6″X6″ dies
  • (1) 6″X6″ mat
  • Idea book.


  • Cutting now takes much less time compared to sewing
  • The die doesn’t dull even after 1000 cuts


  • Not compatible with larger die

For a rainbow of colors

6 – Madeira Incredible Threadable Embroidery Box (Box of 80 Spools)

Available from Amazon for $114.95

Of course, you can’t do any sewing without thread! Our pick for quilters is the Madeira Incredible Threadable Embroidery Thread Box.

The Madeira Incredible Threadable Embroidery Box is a set of 80 spools in numerous colors. Each spool contains 220 yards (200 meters) of thread. The thread is made of rayon fiber (thread weight: 40), so it’s silky but still strong and vibrant. The set also comes with two spools of bobbin thread, with each spool containing 1650 yards (1500 meters) of thread.

This embroidery thread box would make a great present for a new quilter who’s just building their collection of supplies, as well as a seasoned quilter who knows you can never have enough thread in your notions box!



  • 80 spools 220-yard/200-meter rayon embroidery thread; thread weight: 40
  • 2 spools of 1650-yard/1500-meter bobbin thread
  • Anita Good embroidery design CD (with 42 customized designs)
  • Complete printed color card
  • Carrying strap
  •  Color Numbers Included: 1120 , 1074 , 1031 , 1045 , 1222 , 1100 , 1055 , 1027 , 1013 , 1071 , 1087 , 1012 , 1107 , 1075 , 1080 , 1247 , 1067 , 1169 , 1126 , 1160 , 1053 , 1082 , 1118 , 1164 , 1147 , 1133 , 1310 , 1279 , 1025 , 1170 , 1257 , 1376 , 1054 , 1128 , 1240 , 1044 , 1181 , 1134 , 1188 , 1186 , 1023 , 1248 , 1070 , 1190 , 1358 , 1144 , 1040 , 1241 , 1116 , 1132 , 1033 , 1037 , 1024 , 1051 , 1191 , 1106 , 1386 , 1059 , 1001 , 1000 , 1119 , 1028 , 1311 , 1078 , 1137 , 1250 , 1157 , 1357 , 1174 , 1145 , 1035 , 1242 , 1166 , 1094 , 1221 , 1370 , 1338 , 1306 , 1341 , 1142
  • Dimensions: 15 x 9.6 x 4.2 inches
  • Weight:05 pounds


  • Wide and useful selection of colors
  • Clear and sturdy packaging


  • Currently, no way to order replacements from Madeira for individual colors

For seeing your entire rainbow at a glance

7 – US Art Supply Premium Beechwood 120-Spool Thread Rack

 Available from Amazon for $28.96

Most likely your quilter friend is currently storing their thread in boxes or drawers. A set-up like that means they can’t see all of their collection in one go, so it’s hard for them to find things they need, and even harder to choose coordinating colors for their project. That can’t be much fun.

The perfect gift for this situation is this thread rack from US Art Supply! The thread rack is made of natural beech wood for durability. It’s got fold-out legs for displaying on the quilting table – which is yards better than emptying an entire thread box on the table top to look for a single spool. Otherwise, being lightweight and sturdy, you can attach hanging apparatuses to the back of the thread rack and affix it to the wall to save on table space.

The pegs fit most standard-sized spools, and the whole thread rack showcases 120 spools of thread at once. A quilter can sort their collection easily by color, match fabric and thread with one glance, and easily take account of what’s running low. Hot tip: if they’ve got more than 120 spools of thread (and many quilters are surprised to find that they do!) get them more than one rack!


  • Material: Beechwood
  • 120-spool thread rack for holding sewing, quilting, or embroidery spools (also accommodates most mini cones)
  • Thread rack has flip-out legs for displaying on a table
  • May also be hung on a wall
  • Dimensions: 5 x 16 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 3.45 pounds


  • Stands up well on tabletops


  • Large spools of a thread may fit snugly against each other

In place of an extra set of hands…

8 – Quilting Clips (Set of 6)

Available from Amazon for $14.99

If you’ve watched your friend struggle to keep a quilt rolled up on one side and flat on the other, you’ll know what a pretzel they need to make with their bodies just to run a sizable project through the sewing machine.

These quilting clips will roll away the portions of the quilt you’re not working on and secure them so you can focus on the right parts. They’re each 6 1/2 inches long to accommodate even quilts for the largest beds. Though they’re curved on top in order to hold thick rolls of fabric, the bottom edge is straight to keep the quilt flat on the table while you work. This design is better than round clips that make the quilt slip around when you’re running it through the sewing machine.

In contrast to bending in uncomfortable positions, these clips allow your friend to sit comfortably at their machine while the quilt clip holds everything out of the way. Get your friend these large quilting clips and give them the gift of good posture!



  • 6 quilt clips
  • Each quilt clip measures 6 1/2 inches long and opens about 2 inches wide
  • Dimensions:7 x 4 x 1.9 inches
  • Weight:2 ounces


  • Holds large projects (up to queen-size quilts!)


  • As the clips are rather big, they will not work as well on smaller projects

For quilters who need to keep it together

9 – Sewing Clips (Pack of 160)

Available from Amazon for $12.99

Get ready to give your quilter friend their new favorite sewing notion. These sewing clips come in a pack of 160 and a storage tin to keep them all together (you’ll have to lose a LOT of these before needing to get a new set)!

The clips themselves are about an inch long each and come in several merry colors. They’re easy to open, and gape wide enough to holds multiple layers of fabrics. And as clips don’t leave holes, they’re perfect for delicate fabrics like voile, allowing your quilter friend to experiment with more textures and styles.

Using clips also removes the safety issue of getting poked by pins – which can range from annoying pinpricks to disastrous tetanus scares! These are great for quilters with eyesight problems or those who work around children. If they eventually get around to teaching kids to sew or quilt, clips provide peace of mind that the children won’t get into any nasty accidents.

If nothing else, these sewing clips also work as regular office supply clips – proving to be a useful present inside and outside the quilting workshop!



  • 160 sewing clips
  • Tin storage box
  • Each clip measures 2.5 x 0.8 x 1.3 cm
  • Package Dimensions: 3 x 5.1 x 2.1 inches
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces


  • Clips are easy to open (great news for quilters with arthritis!)


  • Tin box may arrive with dents or other issues

For clear minds and clear tabletops

10 – Gypsy Quilter TGQ011 Sensational Sip & Snip Clamp

Available from Amazon for $24.95


If your friend is the sort of quilter who likes to nurse a mug of tea milk or coffee while working (which is most quilters) give them this present to keep their drink off the table and away from trouble. Simply attach the Sensational Sip & Snip Clamp to the table – the clamp ends are protected by rubber so it won’t damage your tabletop – and place their drink in the rust-proof metal mug holder. No more wet rings on the table, and no more spilled tea on their quilts!

And if your friend is the sort of quilter who generates a lot of scraps and clippings while working (which is all quilters), they can easily clear their table of rubbish by dumping their quilting debris into the removable scrap bag! After a crafting session, empty the bag into the rubbish bin. It’s made of nylon so thread and fabric scraps won’t cling to its interior. Sometimes the best quilting presents are the ones you just don’t expect!


  • Dimensions: 1 x 5.1 x 8.8 inches
  • Weight:1 pound


  • The clamp is sturdy; no worries about whether your mug will fall


  • The nylon scrap bag might not be the most attractive thing – your friend might prefer to craft their own scrap bag instead!

For when you’re on a roll!

11 – Everything Mary Deluxe Quilted Sewing Machine Rolling Tote

Available from Everything Mary for $78.49

Perhaps you’ve noticed your quilter friend is on a roll – pun intended – and they want to take their quilting projects with them everywhere! If this is the case, this sewing machine rolling tote from Everything Mary is the perfect gift for them! The Everything Mary sewing machine rolling tote glides smoothly on inline quad-roller wheels that do the job of taking your quilter friend and their projects everywhere and anywhere. Just pull on the adjustable, telescoping handle, and they’re ready to rock!

The tote has a roomy main compartment that fits most machines, as well as fabric and any quilt projects underway. Long zipper pockets with several clear compartments are sewn onto the lid to store and display quilting notions, and outside the tote are two side pockets to keep quilt patterns sorted.

Gift your friend the Everything Mary sewing machine rolling tote to give them a one-stop shop crafting station on the go! (Plus, with its quilted gray and pink exterior, it’s just really, really pretty.)


  • Holds most standard sewing machines up to 16.5 x 9.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Inline quad-roller wheels
  • Adjustable telescoping handle
  • Exterior: Gray quilted microfiber with pink trim
  • Dimensions: 18 x 9 x 18 inches
  • Weight:2 pounds


  • Well-padded and will protect your sewing machine
  • Wheels are durable; bag rolls well on all kinds of surfaces


  • Users have reported zipper and handle issues

For continuing quilting fun!

12 – Quilt Crates Subscription Box

Available from QuiltCrates starting at $25.95

Finally, keep the fun going every month with a subscription box made especially for quilters! Quilt Crates is a monthly subscription box filled with the latest goodies from popular quilting brands, so your quilter friend is always well-equipped to run wild with their creations.

Each box is filled with 1-1 2/3  yards of the latest quilting fabric; patterns from The Lazy Quilter, Fig Tree and Co., Eleanor Burnes, and more; sewing notions, and quilting gadgets. Quilt Crates offers options for a three-month or six-month subscription, or an ongoing month-to-month plan. Shipping fee to anywhere on the mainland U.S. is already included in the subscription fee.

Quilt Crates is dedicated to gift boxes that inspire quilters to create and provide them with novel materials to fuel their drive to generate new and beautiful things.


  • Month to Month Subscription: $25.95
  • 3 Month Prepay Subscription: $74.85
  • 6 Month Prepay Subscription: $149.70
  • New subscriptions received on the 21st-9th of the month will ship out on the 10th of that month.
  • Subscriptions received on the 10th-20th will ship out on the 26th of that month.
  • All subsequent boxes ship out on the 17th of the month.
  • Month to month subscriptions renew every 5th of the month


  • It’s a gift that’s got a little bit of everything for quilting and keeps on giving!


  • Does not ship internationally; only ships within the continental US

We’ve cut your work out for you!

By now you have a fundamental knowledge of how quilting goes – from the essential tools, to choosing the fabric, stuffing with batting, designing blocks, and sewing the whole project together. This gift guide was patched together to help you pick gifts for quilters by showing you what they need (and what they haven’t yet realized that they need!) for every step of the quilting process.

Hopefully, it has been helpful, and you’re equipped to choose the right presents to make the craft more enjoyable and inspiring for the quilter in your life!

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