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The Best The Office Gift Ideas for Fans!

Since 2013, The Office hasn’t had any new episodes or reboots but this TV show’s popularity hasn’t slowed down a bit. People still watch it on Netflix and, perhaps one day, NBC will decide to create a reboot that many fans expect. The Office is still alive and doing great when it comes to merchandise.

Items such as Funko Pops, coloring books, and framed posters are ideal gifts for those friends of family members who used to watch the series.

In today’s article, I’ve decided to go even further and present you with some of the best office gift ideas that will delight your coworkers. Like the saying goes “friends are our chosen family,” workplace colleagues are those “family members” chosen by the forces of capitalism.

Most people spend more time at work with their coworkers than with their own families. For that reason, you are able to surprise them with thoughtful gifts because by now, you should already know most of their habits, interests, hobbies, and quirks.


The Best Gift Ideas for “The Office” Fans

The Office is a very popular TV show with many loyal fans. The fact that the series doesn’t have a reboot in the making left many followers heartbroken. Still, the following gift options might make them feel better and bring them joy. Here are the best picks of The Office gift ideas to select from.

1. The Office Talking Keychain

The Office Talking Keychain

This keychain comes with funny lines from both Dwight and Michael and you can hear them just by pressing one of the item’s buttons. There are six different hilarious phrases from the show. The keychain measures 2”x3” and it uses three button cell batteries to function.

All the fans of this NBC hit show will simply love this gift which the manufacturer has called the world’s coolest talking keychain. Regardless of the age of the person you want to buy it for, this product is a very good birthday gift or party favor.

The Office Talking Keychain - Dwight
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2. Personalized Star Face Mug

This ceramic The Office mug is customizable. You can order one with your desired message on it. The product is made of excellent materials and it looks just like the ones the show’s characters use.

Any fan of the TV series would fall in love with this mug that can hold up to 11 ounces of coffee or tea. You can even create a mug that features the face of the person who’s celebrating his or her birthday.

When ordering, make sure you upload a photo of that person’s face, one that shows both the face and hair in a clear way. It would be ideal to have a high-resolution one.

3. Their Very Own Nameplate

This is a fun replica of the desk nameplate that Dwight uses in the show. This gift will certainly be a hit. It is manufactured of sturdy aluminum and it features black lettering. You can engrave it with the name of the birthday man or woman so that they can proudly keep it on their desk as well.

This laser-engraved nameplate measures 2”x10” and it comes with a special base that protects the surface of one’s desk from scratches. If you or your friend is a huge fan of The Office, then this is an amazing gift idea.

Dwight K. Schrute Gag Gift Desk Name Plate
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4. The Office Coloring Book

This is a little fun set of coloring pages and all five of them are themed with motifs from the NBC show. Each page displays a certain The Office scenario.

You can pair this item with The Office themed coloring pencils for a complete present idea. The paper is thick for increased durability. The package contains 12 coloring pencils and each one of them has an expression or reference from the show engraved on it.

'The Office' Themed Coloring Pages (5 Pack)
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5. The Office Beer Glasses Set

This set of three beer glasses is a great collectible item for The Office fans. Each glass has a different catchphrase or character’s face from the show such as “Prison Mike.”

The one who receives this gift can display it on a shelf or actually use it when friends come over.It could be an amazing gift idea for a male friend or you could even purchase it for yourself. All the products included in the set arrive individually-wrapped which means you will receive them in pristine condition.

The Office Merchandise 3-Pack beer Glasses Set
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6. Funko Pop! Television Figurine

This is another The Office collectible item that any fan should own. Although the show has ended back in 2013, those who have watched this sitcom are still having trouble moving on. For that reason, Funko went and released several The Office Pop figures.

This nostalgic line of figurines is comprised of the following characters: Michael Scott, Pam Beesly, Dwight K. Schrute, Kevin Malone, Toby Flenderson, Jim Halpert, and Darryl Philbin. It’s an excellent gift idea that can be easily and proudly displayed on one’s desk.

Funko Pop! TV: The Office - Michael Scott
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7. Motivational Quote Posters

The Office Motivational Quote Posters

The Office is a TV show with many memorable quotes that have gone viral over the years. Some of those quotes are even wall-appropriate. During the series, Michael and other characters have created numerous iconic scenes and certain phrases could be a great motivational talk in a humorous and sarcastic kind of way.

Buy one of these motivational quote framed posters for one of your friends or coworkers as a comical yet classy addition to one of their office or home walls.

Michael Scott Motivational Quote Poster
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The Best Gift Ideas for Your Office Colleagues

Moving on from the popular The Office TV show, I also wanted to cover another topic, the one of the best gift ideas that you could offer to your work colleagues on their birthday or another special occasion.

Finding the perfect gift for one of your workplace comrades doesn’t have to be time-consuming or too expensive. You can always find something unique and thoughtful that’s also affordable. Here are some ideas that could inspire you.

1. A House Plant

A plant in a pot is always a good idea for a present because, unlike flower bouquets, this one can last forever (if the owner takes good care of the plant). Besides being an excellent housewarming present, it can also be a great choice as a gift for one of your coworkers.

Choose one that’s low-maintenance and can last in a wide range of conditions. Succulents and bonsai trees are some of my favorite picks. Orchids are also stunning pot plants but they are a bit harder to keep, being more delicate.

Plants are said to boost happiness and increase workspace productivity. A potted plant that’s easy to care for will make the office place look more stylish.

Succulent Plants - Fully Rooted
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2. Moody Cards

With these funny cards, your coworker will be able to tell everyone around the office the way they feel. I guarantee he or she will have a lot of fun using these cards.

This gift is also helpful because the details written on each card are quite pertinent. The cards display messages such as “I’m on Tinder” and “Back in 5.”

Some of them are blank so that the people who receive this present can personalize it and write whatever crosses their minds. The package comes with over 30 flip-over messages, blank boards, and an erasable marker.

Moodycards - Funny Office Gifts
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3. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember has manufactured an amazing coffee smart mug that could be the ideal office gift for your colleagues. If your coworker or boss sips on coffee all day, you should give them this mug as a thoughtful gift. The Ember mug is made of stainless steel and it will keep the coffee at a certain temperature for hours.

The mug owner will be able to adjust the desired temperature via their smartphone and he or she will receive notifications and reminders regarding the coffee’s status within the app. The battery lasts pretty long and the ceramic coating makes this mug resistant to scratches.

NEW Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug
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4. Mario Badescu Facial Spray

If one of your female colleagues loves to have the perfect makeup all the time, you should definitely consider giving her a bottle of this facial spray which is a very popular beauty product that’s also highly affordable. There are three available flavors that you can choose from, all of which contain Aloe Vera:

  • Herbs and rosewater;
  • Chamomile and lavender;
  • Green tea and cucumber.

Any of these facial sprays help one maintain a well-hydrated and refreshed face during the entire time one spends at the office. If you want the complete package, you can order all three alternatives.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe
$7.00 ($1.75 / ounce)
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5. Tonymoly Peach/Apple/Mango Hand Cream

tonymoly hand cream

Everyone should use hand cream at work. I personally use one every time, after I wash my hands, especially during winter months. Offices use air conditioners a lot which can make the workplace a dry environment. This further leads to dry skin.

All the hand cream variations from Tonymoly are simply adorable and scented with the most amazing perfumes: peach, mango, banana, apple, etc. All these hand buttercreams are truly moisturizing and they don’t leave a heavy or greasy sensation on your skin.

TONYMOLY Red Apple Hand Cream
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6. Feu de Bois Candle

The Few de Bois scented candles from Diptyque are the perfect gift idea for the coworker who’s a little anxious or stressed and needs to relax and enjoy a little aromatherapy.

These candles are fancy because they have a simple yet stylish design and their smell is totally amazing. It’s a great choice for those colleagues who’re always elegant and a bit posh.

Feu de Bois stands for wood fire and it is the scent you should opt for if you’re planning to offer this gift around Christmas time. Besides this gender-neutral scent, there are also many other addictive options when it comes to perfumed Diptyque candles:

  • Mimosa – hay, honey, and mimosa flowers;
  • Gardenia – a warm and romantic scent;
  • Feuille de Lavande – lavender leaf;
  • Jasmin;
  • Roses; etc.
Feu de Bois (Firewood) Mini Candle Diptyque
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7. Monbento Original Bento Box

Monbento Original Bento Box

The Monbento lunch box is the ideal present idea for that colleague who always brings homemade meals to work. This lunch box has an adorable design and it helps the user to better organize his or her meal-prepping. With it, you can keep foods separate

The Original Bento Box can hold both cold and hot foods at the same time and you can pack it up neatly and easily once you’re done eating.

It is made from high-quality and durable materials that are also BPA-free. Your colleague will fall in love with this lunch box due to its practicality, not to mention that’s also leak-proof.

Monbento Original Blush Bento Box
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Present Should You Purchase for Your Office Gift Exchange?

There are many things you can buy for an office gift exchange such as Secret Santa: An engraved pencil set; Waterproof notepads; Printed socks; Portable hot sauces; A reusable to-go box; Dry-erase sheets; Wine infused coffee;

What Are the Best and Most Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Workplace Colleagues?

Here are some interesting yet affordable options you can choose from as a gift to offer to one of your coworkers: Screen cleaner solution and a microfiber cloth; A tiny desktop vacuum; A funny-looking air humidifier; Reusable and collapsible drinking straws; Savvy infusion water bottles; Hand moisturizing creams; Knitted fingerless gloves; etc.

What’s the Best Gift Choice for The Office Fans?

Where should I start? There are so many great options out there. Here are some of the best gift ideas for fans of The Office, other than those already mentioned above: Dunder Mifflin T-shirts; Reversible sequin cushion covers with the image of Prison Mike; Hilarious The Office stickers that you can put on your smartphone, door, desk, and laptop; The Office-themed Christmas stockings; The Finer Things Club non-slip doormat; etc.

What Are the Funniest Episodes of The Office?

There were so many funny and popular The Office episodes that’s hard to pick a few but here’s a top 5 list: Dwight Christmas – this is the 9th episode of season 9; The Convict – this is the 9th episode of season 3; The Dundies – this is the 1st episode of season 2; Frame Toby – this is the 9th episode of season 5; Niagara part 1 – this is the 4th episode of season 6.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best gift for one of your colleagues at work without breaking the bank can be a tricky task. Even though you want to avoid too expensive presents or items that could be too personal or even offensive, that doesn’t mean you should opt for something boring.

After all, your coworkers could be seen as your second family, the ones who are right there when you go through office drama or other job-related challenges.

Speaking of your workplace, today I’ve also tackled the topic of the best gift ideas that you can offer to someone who’s a fan of The Office TV show that was such a huge hit when it aired or a movie lover in general.

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