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Top 20 Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

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Even if you don’t love beer yourself, you can find the perfect gift for that pint-obsessed individual in your life. Of course, you could buy them a crate of their favorite beer, but this gift will just go to show your lack of thought.

On this page, we’ve come up with the best gifts for those who love their brew, from bottle openers that also make good decor to tools that keep every pint bubbly and fresh. These gift ideas will not only delight the beer lover in your life (male or female), but also prove that you actually know your onions when it comes to beer.

But with so many fantastic gift ideas for the beer aficionado in your life, it’s difficult to narrow down your search to a few favorites. However, whether it’s beer-inspired decorative lights or a beer tasting book, we promise that you’ll find that perfect gift somewhere on this list.

Cheers to tasty, exciting gifts that’ll have the beer-drinker in your life thanking you with each sip!

1. Northern Brewer Home-brewing Kit

A very well-crafted home-brewing kit can be the ideal present for a beer lover. Learning the beer-making process can make the pint lover even more enthusiastic. It’s an awesome hobby and actually the introduction to becoming a life-long beer fan.

This home-brewing starter kit from Northern Brewer is one of the best on the market. It comes with all you need to make original craft beer at home, such as a bubbler, bottle filler, brewery cleaners, tubing, IPA ingredient pack, and sufficient bottles and bottle tops for two carriers and half a dozen beer bottles.

Northern Brewer - Homebrewing Starter Kit
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11/30/2023 10:31 pm GMT

2. Rustic Wooden Beer Tasting Set

Ideal for tasting a cross-section of different or similar beer styles without overindulging, this rustic wooden beer tasting set with four glasses presents a collection of ales or lagers classily in a restaurant or bar setting at home.

Cutout handles enable easy transportation from your kitchen to the area of serving, and the front-facing chalkboard panel presents a place to name each ale or larger. Perfect for beer lovers, or entertaining fellow devotees, this elegant beer flight rack makes beer tasting a refined and unforgettable experience.

MyGift Rustic Torched Wood Serving Set
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11/29/2023 11:36 pm GMT

3. Yeti Hopper Portable Soft Cooler

Everyone who uses Yeti Coolers loves them for their near indestructibility coupled with their ability to keep drinks and food ice-cold for hours on end. They’re arguably the best coolers out there.

This rugged Yeti soft-side cooler is a brilliant gift for a brew enthusiast who needs their drink kept ice-cold. It’s amazing for the traveling pint fan. Fill it with bottles and cans and check it while on your way back home after visiting new breweries.

With a wide-mouth opening and ultra-powerful magnets to keep the cooler shut, as well as a shoulder strap, top handles, mildew/UV rays/puncture-resistant shell, and leak-proof liner, the cooler can hold up to 28 lbs. of ice and 20 beer cans.

YETI Hopper M30 Portable Soft Cooler
YETI Hopper M30 Portable Soft Cooler
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4. Fs Objects Bottle Opener

When it comes to bottle openers, you can’t put a foot wrong handing your beer drinker pal a strong bottle opener. A nice bottle opener must be strong and work well. It’s a motivation for each joyous occasion you open a brew.

It must be special enough to get more and more purpose and meaning with each use. This bottle opener from FS Objects is handcrafted from solid brass and we think it’s got that special quality we’ve talked about.

5. Beer Bike Keychain

Those who love their bikes as much as they do their beer will appreciate this handy pocket multipurpose tool.

Designed specifically for cycling buffs, Fix Manufacturing’s Beer Bike Keychain contains 5mm and 4mm hex bits, a bottle opener, and a flathead screwdriver—all wrapped up in a beautiful authentic leather loop. Of course, it makes a cute beer gift idea for the biking freak in your life.

Fix Manufacturing Beer Bike Keychain
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12/01/2023 01:08 am GMT

6. Shakoolie Shower Beer Holder

This gift idea is for those beer lovers who love their drink so much that they want it always kept close at hand, even in the bathroom. Well, you can do exactly that with Shakoolie, a smart gadget that attaches to the wall of your shower and keeps your brewski ice-cold while you take a shower.

Made of Velcro, this product is available in several cool designs. It’s an authentic, fun present for your tipple-loving person.

'Drink Beer Naked' Beer Holder
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11/30/2023 04:17 am GMT

7. BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer

Bluetooth connectivity, police-grade technology, and feature-laden companion app make BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer the best and most accurate alcohol test device out there.

In addition to offering the highest possible accuracy, the device wirelessly connects to Android or iPhone devices, letting you share or track your results and informing you when your alcohol level returns to 0.00%.

BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer
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12/01/2023 01:51 am GMT

8. CouchCoaster Ultimate Beer Holder

With an intuitive, ergonomic design, CouchCoaster is truly the best brew holder for TV junkies who like to have a cold pint while watching their beloved sporting event or show.

Made of BPA-free flexible silicone, this elegant gadget wraps over your armchair, keeping any drink safe and within reach, courtesy of its flexible cup holder. Ideal for both hot and cold drinks, it fits almost all armrests with a width of at least 14 cm, in addition to a range of containers, including glasses, mugs, bottles, and cans.

CouchCoaster - Anti-Spill Beer Holder
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11/30/2023 05:34 am GMT

9. Ornamental Beer Bottle Lights

Give your mancave a boozy touch with these attractive Corona brew bottle lights. Each licensed decorative strand features 10 lime wedges as well as 10 miniature bottles of the well-known Mexican pale lager. It’s perfect for bar areas, outdoor summer BBQs, and beach parties.

10. Beer Tasting Book

The beer fan in your life will definitely appreciate Tasting Beer, a beer book that’ll enhance their knowledge about the beverage. The book is a classic introduction to all about beer and it’ll instantly boost their brew knowledge.

As well as a collection of diagrams and illustrations, this beer encyclopedia covers the history of beer making, how to distinguish an IPA from an APA, and how to classify different beer flavors and scents. A section about pairing foods and serving beer is especially handy for planning parties and dinners.

From casual drinkers to serious imbibers, this book is created to educate all sorts of beer drinkers.

Tasting Beer, 2nd Edition
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11/30/2023 08:11 pm GMT

11. Craft Beer Club Subscription

Give the brew fan in your life a gift that keeps on giving like this Craft Beer Club Subscription. Highlighting different microbreweries around the US, from Arizona to New York to Georgia, every shipment comes with 12 popular craft beers for about $43 per month. The brews stand for four different flavors from two different beer makers.

The shipment also contains a newsletter with information about who made the brews and how, and a conversation with the brewer and owner. Moreover, Craft Beer Club gives a 12-month subscription to custom koozies, beer connoisseur, and beer opener free of charge. You can select from a quarterly, every-other-month, or monthly subscription.

Craft Beer Club Subscription

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12. Beer Cap States

Shopping for someone who loves sampling local craft beers every chance they get? Getting them Beer Cap States can help them trace their drinking journey. From IPAs in Iowa to beers in New York, this state-shaped board has bottle tops on for display.

Made with Baltic birch plywood, Beer Cap States has little teeth that snugly fit the crumpled edges of bottle tops for easier addition and removal. Also, there are additional holes to hang the gift in any room.

Beer Cap States is particularly amazing for collectors. Rather than store bottle caps in jars or drawers, this board helps display their beloved brews.

Beer Cap States

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13. Outdoor Beer Table

This outdoor beer table for two nicely digs into any soft surface (think sand or grass) and holds a snack bowl and two cans. It’s perfect for backyard hangouts, bonfires, or beach trips.

The handcrafted stainless steel and Baltic birch table that easily disassembles for quick transportation. The best part is that the built-in bottle opener allows you to open bottles as you please.

Standing 24.5 in. high, you can rest your drink on it while playing outside or use it with a beach chair. It’s ideal for fishing, camping, and whenever you want to put your feet up.

14. Cold Beer Coats

In Norway, there’s a popular concept known as “friluftsliv” where people brace themselves to cope with the winter period. Some experts say that the idea of open-air living all year round—pushing yourself to stay outdoors more than normal—could be what your psyche needs as days shorten and there are more reasons to be outside.

There’s even a unique word for drinking outside—utepils—associated with friluftsilv. If you want to try staying outside during the colder months, these cold beer coats will allow your drink to be equally prepared for the conditions outside.

15. Mini Beer Pong

A condensed version of the popular party game, Mini Beer Pong guarantees hours of fun anywhere at any time.

Handmade in Minnesota, the game includes 50 small reusable cups, two tethered balls, and two built-in launchers—all neatly tucked in a foldable plastic board that’s compact enough to fit in a backpack. Also, with its smart, mobile design, your beer-loving special someone no longer has to worry about losing the ball or spills.

Mini Beer Pong Travel Set

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16. Menu Beer Foamer

For a true bar experience at home, you can’t go amiss with Menu Beer Foamer. This hip gadget made by Norm Architects has a shatterproof glass can with a copper lid. It also features a battery-powered whisk, helping you make the densest, softest, drink-quality foam in the blink of an eye.

17. Smart Magnetic Bottle Hanger

This pair of smart magnetic storage strips lets your beer-loving friend save fridge space by hanging their beverages from the ceiling. Proclaiming itself as the first-ever magnetic bottle hanger in the world, BottleLoft consists of very strong magnets and is available in pairs, holding up to six drinks.

18. Caricature Beer Mug

It couldn’t get more personalized than this, could it? Putting your beer-mad buddy’s hand-drawn and printed image on their own pint mug simply shows how much they mean to you.

Each time your pal takes a sip of the ice-cold drink on a particularly hot day, it not only refreshes them but also makes them appreciate you for remembering them through this bespoke mug. You can put a caption on this gift to convey your message.

19. Original Viking Drinking Horn

Does your beer-loving buddy enjoy Norse Mythology, Vikings, Game of Thrones, or just drinking from an authentic Viking-themed horn. If yes, this the perfect gift for him or her.

Handcrafted with the greatest care, this tankard boasts a coated interior that’s safe and non-toxic. The medieval-themed stein mug is made from a strong piece of horn and has a natural finish.

AleHorn Viking Drinking Horn
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20. Hopped Up Coffee

Torn between beer and coffee? We strongly believe that it shouldn’t come down to a choice between the two. Why not buy your beer-crazy pal this tasty Hopped Up Coffee. It’s blended with hops and malted barley for an absolutely delicious and savory roast that’ll surely put a bit of a spring in their step.

FAQs About the Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

What Do You Get Someone Who Loves to Drink?

Some of the gifts you can buy for someone who likes to quaff include a Moscow Mule crate, Absolut Elyx gift set, half-case fairytale fantasy wines, “Happy Birthday” engraved beer bottle, Baileys gift set, and Cognac vs. Hennessy gift basket.

What Should I Buy My Boyfriend?

The best gifts for your beer-obsessed boyfriend can include an e-lighter, CloudKnit t-shirt, My Hydro personalized water bottle, uKeg Nitro cold beer maker, carry wireless charger, spicy chicken and fish mix, wool runner-up mizzles, and Playstation classic console.

What’s a Beer Growler?

A beer growler is a stainless steel, ceramic, or glass bottle (or jug) that helps transport draught beer in the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia and other countries. Growlers are usually found at brewpubs and breweries and are used to sell takeaway craft beer. Growlers are rarely used to sell beer in retail.

What’s a Nice Alcohol Gift for a Guy?

Good liquor gifts for men include cask strength Diplomatico Ambassador rum, Hennessy Paradis, Ruinart Brut Rose, Fernet-Branca Liqueur, Mezcales de Leyenda, The Real McCoy 12-year single blended rum, and Armaro Montenegro.

The Bottom Line

Know someone who loves every drop of their beer? Regardless of what special occasion they’re celebrating—a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or whatever, these gift ideas for beer lovers is created for them.

There are loads of beer gift ideas, gadgets, and accessories in here that are sure to delight any beer connoisseur in your life. These gifts will help your beloved brew lover take their drinking game to a whole new level.

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