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The Best Gifts for Pilots & Aviation Lovers

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Do you have someone in your life who’s an aspiring pilot, a professional pilot, or an aviation devotee? If yes, then you’ve probably realized that it can be tough to choose the right gifts for them.

You may wish to pick something useful and thoughtful but not too tacky at the same time. You might also be undecided about buying useful things they might require in the cockpit or funny stuff that will make them laugh.

Well, the good news is that when it comes to buying gifts for pilots, the sky is the limit (excuse the pun!). We’ve come up with this exhaustive list of gift ideas for the aviation lover you love, from practical gift ideas and unique ones to decor ideas and plenty more!

Best Gifts for Pilots

1. Garmin Aviator’s Watch

garmin D2 air aviator

Wearing the Garmin D2 Aviator Smartwatch is like wearing a flight computer. It has a global database of airports, categorized into nearest-to and direct-to classes.

It also has a GPS, barometer, altimeter, and vibrating alarm. What’s more, it displays various time zones and will receive flight plans remotely.

Garmin D2 Air Aviator Smartwatch | Amazon

Get powerful capabilities in a slim, stylish AMOLED smartwatch with tools for preflight, in-flight and post-flight activities around town.

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2. Aviator’s Wallet

Debossed Pilot Wings Genuine Leather Wallet

This elegant leather wallet is ideal for the flyer that’s proud of his career but doesn’t want to shout about it from the rooftops! It has pilot wings faintly embossed in the outer flap.

On the inside, it has currency compartments, one ramp pass slot, and credit card slots.

Debossed Pilot Wings Genuine Leather Wallet | Amazon

Made from genuine leather this Wallet is sized to tuck easily into a pocket. Debossed with the Pilot Wings shield and the word Pilot, it is ideal for the fan of flight.

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3. Espresso Machine

aviator turboject espresso machine

This is not your average, basic espresso machine. The custom luxury Turbojet isn’t just a coffeemaker but also a work of art. The pilot in your life will not only like the added bonus of making tasty beverages with it but will also show it off proudly.

4. Pilot’s LED Pen

the pilot pen

Pilots don’t do everything with computers, particularly when they’re out for a leisure trip over the weekend, or when guiding private pilots in the wild. The LED Pen is crafted to check and mark charts when there’s less light, especially at night.

Britta Products LED Pen, The Pilot's Pen | Amazon

The Pilot's Pen AVIATOR is our latest in a series of incredibly useful LED powered writing instruments. Originally designed for the aviation and public safety markets, the pen is perfect for anyone who needs to write or take notes in dark or low light conditions. 

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5. Flight Bag

flight outfitters lift

A useful gift that’ll make the job of a pilot easier will be highly appreciated. This bag will make an aviator’s flying experience that much better.

It has perfectly designed pockets for quick access to vital items, like their smartphone or headset. The aviator in your life will love the quick access to all their essential stuff with this wonderful gift.

Flight Outfitters Lift Flight Bag | Amazon

This sturdy bag has room for all the essentials, but won't get in your way. Includes a large headset pocket, iPad pocket and multiple organizer sections with room for all your accessories. A helpful exterior pocket makes it easy to grab your backup radio in an emergency.

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6. Leather Watch Case


Every pilot knows the importance of keeping time, so it’s also vital to keep their watches safe. That’s why you should get the aviator in your life this gorgeous leather watch case.

They’ll find it very smart and convenient to store all their nice timepieces in one location so that they don’t get lost. If they wear more than one watch when flying, this case can be the ideal solution for transporting them.

7. Pilot T-shirt

trust me i am a pilot shirt

It takes several years of study and hard work to become a pilot, so anybody who achieves the enviable title deserves to flaunt it a little.

This pilot top is a simple way for your pilot friend to show everyone that they’re quite a cool flyer. They’ll welcome this gift that allows them to show off a little bit.

8. Pint Glass

Pilots that are often away don’t often find time to enjoy their favorite liquor or beer. They consider it a luxury. For this reason, a custom gift like this leather-wrapped pint glass that helps them enjoy their booze would be an amazing idea.

Ensure that the next drink they enjoy with friends or after work is from their own personalized pint glass. What could possibly top enjoying a pint out of their own glass with their name engraved on it?

9. GoPro Camera

Since pilots fly to every corner of the world, a fantastic gift for them would be something that allows them to record their travels. The GoPro Camera will allow them to capture videos and photos of the sky while flying.

They’ll also absolutely love recording footage at the different destinations they stop at. They’ll have such a good time recording the videos and then sharing them with their friends and loved ones.

10. Shadow Box

After long-haul flights, pilots must take some time off and have a rest at the destination of the flight. For this reason, they regularly spend lots of time in various destinations they’ve never been to.

A shadow box is a cool gift that’ll help your pilot friend or loved one collect memories from different places. With this box, the flyer in your life can keep wine corks, bottle tops, cigar bands, coins, postcards, or any other little souvenirs from all the destinations they visit.

11. Pilot Shades

Authentic AO sunglasses

Since they’re always flying at really high altitudes, pilots risk being exposed to higher amounts of Ultraviolet rays, which can harm their eyesight.

For this reason, the right shades are not only important for keeping their eyes safe but also for making sure there’s no vision distortion.

The frames are sturdy and ragged and the lenses offer 100% protection against UV light and are distortion-free. Pick a frame color from gold, silver, or matte chrome.

AO Eyewear American Optical | Amazon

Silver frame bayonet temple, a true color grey glass lens sunglasses will be a perfect gift for him.

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12. Passport Holder

passport holder

Even pilots require passports when flying abroad, which is why this passport holder is an awesome, useful gift. This gorgeous and immaculately designed gift resembles the world map.

In addition to being a very useful gift, it’ll also provide your beloved pilot with the right way to store their passport and other vital travel documents required when visiting another country.

13. Poker Chip Set

classic monogram poker set

Since pilots are a hard-working lot, they more than deserve to have fun. This set of poker chips is just what the pilot in your life needs to have a great time with family and close friends when they have time to hang out with them.

Rather than worry about turbulence, they will be busy trying to find out who’s bluffing while playing poker.

14. Personalized Pilot Sign

wooden sign for pilots

The best gifts for pilots include those that help them show off their status. This personalized flyer sign will melt the heart of the pilot you love when they first see it!

It’ll look awesome hanging on their living room or bedroom wall. They’ll be filled with joy every time they look at it and will love flaunting it at every guest.

15. Portable Charger

morphie powerstation

Since pilots are usually on the move with minimal stoppages, they’ll really appreciate a simple way to have their electronic devices charged.

Get the pilot you love this great portable charger that will allow them to quickly and conveniently charge two gadgets at the same time. They’ll be so happy to receive such a useful gift that’ll make their flying experience a little easier.

Portable Charger | Amazon

Experience superfast charging that can fully charge your phone up to 4.6 times! Thanks to a versatile 18W USB-C PD port, the power station charges your devices and recharges itself in record time. 

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16. Aviation Headset

Bose A20 Aviation Headset

Ear protection is an often forgotten safety issue for pilots. With this active-noise-reduction headset from Bose, however, the pilot you love can protect their ears while flying loud aircraft.

Moreover, the headset can be connected to their smart gadgets via Bluetooth, providing crystal-clear sound when taking a call, listening to music, or talking with air traffic control.

Bose A20 Aviation Headset | Amazon

No matter why you fly, the Bose A20 Aviation Headset is engineered to improve the experience. It provides acclaimed noise reduction and clear audio with active equalization.

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17. Flight Simulator

flight simulator

If the pilot you love never seems to get enough of flying aircraft, buy them this flight simulator. They can fly as they please, from the comfort and privacy of their home. A flight simulator is the closest thing to actually flying a plane, without the attendant risks or costs.

The X-plane 11 is an excellent flight simulator that offers excellent flight models, awesome graphics, realistic lighting and wear, as well as a smooth frame rate.

Official Version - X-Plane 11 Global Flight Simulator | Amazon

X-Plane 11 includes detailed 3-D scenery for more than 13,000 airports around the world.

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18. Professional Pilot Shirt

van heusen mens shirt

Pilots always need an elegant professional shirt. There can never be too many aviator shirts for a pilot, especially a commercial one. Made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester, this pilot shirt from Van Heusen is a hit with commercial pilots. And since it’s machine washable, it’s very easy to look after.

The spread collar makes the shirt look more modern while still retaining the right amount of professionalism. On the front of this shirt, there are a pair of flap pockets as well as a pencil slot, making it easy to keep stuff for faster access.

Van Heusen Men's Short Sleeve Aviator Shirt | Amazon

Designed with pilots in mind, this Van Heusen dress shirt has the features needed to fly high. From epaulets for your stripes and flap pockets with a pencil slot to the regular fit and extra long tail, this style is sure to be the first choice for aviation professionals when comfort is a priority.

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19. Pilot’s Kneeboard

Sky High Gear Air Genesis iPad Air Kneeboard

Pilots rarely leave the controls while flying planes, which means they must get all their calculations right in the cockpit. This kneeboard is perfect for that specific job. It has a strap to fasten it on the legs, a fold-over cover, as well as loops for a touch screen stylus and pen.

Sky High Gear Air Genesis iPad Air Kneeboard & Case | Amazon

The Air Genesis is made of ultra-durable ballistic nylon material on the exterior, and lined with brushed suede microfiber to pamper the iPad surfaces. Loops on the hinge are for small pens or pencils when the case is open during flight. This is an ideal case for both in and out of the cockpit!

Buy at
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20. Airplane Bracelet

Airplane Bracelet

A chic bracelet such as this one is a great gift idea for pilots. The airplane ornament adds to its fascinating appeal while the ball chain style makes it instantly attractive.

Sporting a handmade design, this piece is the epitome of attention to detail. Apart from being easy on the eye, it also boasts a touch of texture.

AIRSTREAM Airplane X Aircraft Anchor Bracelet | Amazon

A relaxed design for that fashion conscious flyer, crew member or all things aviation enthusiast. Does not have to be removed at security screening points.

Buy at Buy at Etsy
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21. Pilot Keepsake Chain

Pilot Keepsake Chain

Express your innermost feelings with this pilot gift. Being the partner, sibling, or child of a pilot can be hard work. You have to wave them bye every working day.

Stainless Steel Aircraft Model Airplane Pendant Necklace | Amazon

Stainless steel jewelry is very easy to care for with its tough material that is able to endure a lot of wear and tear. This metal type is able to withstand moisture without tarnish or corrosion.

Buy at
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Also, your eyes will well up and emotions will rise more often than not. It This keychain will provide them with peace of mind while they’re away and will help both of you feel better.

22. Custom Airplane Propellers

airplane propeller replica

These bespoke propeller replicas can help you introduce the next generation of flyers in style. If your beloved pilot has picked an aircraft theme for their baby’s nursery, this could be the final piece to finish the look. These replica propellers can also be the perfect gift for the retiring pilot in your life. Select from a wide variety of stripe, base, and tip colors to match their decor.

23. Hilarious Pilot Coffee Mug

Pilot Coffee Mug

Hilarious pilot gifts like this one can make your beloved pilot the envy of his or her friends. Flying is a dream career for many, the only one that involves soaring up the skies! This funny coffee mug will make every sip a pleasure! It could also be what the pilot needs to cheer up even through rough days.

Commercial Pilot Coffee Mug | Amazon

The unique and funny coffee or tea cup is a great way to express your love and gratitude towards your special one. All ceramic mugs feature printing on both sides that is guaranteed to last for years.

Buy at
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24. Aviation Window Decals

airplane window clings

For the prospective pilot in your family, what could look better than these aviation window decals in their bedroom? Waking up to such a beautiful scene each morning might be all the motivation they need to realize their dreams.

The execution is really perfect in that it instantly turns any room into the interior of an aircraft, offering a fantastic spectacle of the sky.

25. Pilot Whiskey Glasses

aviation whiskey glasses

This is the perfect gift for the whiskey-loving pilot. The set of four 13.5 oz. whiskey glasses features engraved artwork of typical planes soaring high.

26. Flight Deck Journal

Flight Deck Cockpit Journal

All pilots need to have a good journal at hand so they can plan flights, take notes, and record tales from their journeys and anything else. Covered with a lovely design of cockpit tools, this pocket-sized Moleskin notebook is a good flight journal.

Moreover, the pilot you love can refill it many times over with Moleskin Cahiers, giving them enough space to jot down their thoughts.

Flight Deck Cockpit Journal | Amazon

This Diary/Journal features the Moleskine Cahier Pocket Sized Notebook within a highly stylized handmade cover, which means it's refillable!

Buy at
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27. Reusable Travel Urinal

firstergo camping urinal

While this reusable travel urinal isn’t easy on the eye, it’s useful nevertheless. Many planes don’t have washrooms, so this useful device will save your beloved pilot from a lot of bathroom emergencies.

Firstergo YIYATOO Male Reusable Portable Urinal | Amazon

The Emergency Toilet Urinal does works for long-distance flight, car driving, outdoor camping, hiking, traffic jam, etc. An excellent gear for you outdoor activities!

Buy at
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28. Pilot’s Tool Kit

pilots tool kit

We hope that your favorite pilot already has their own toolkit, but they might not have one such as this. This pilot’s tool kit is specially made to solve aviation troubles on the fly!

CruzTools Pilot's Tool Kit | Amazon

Mandated maintenance promotes reliability, but experienced pilots know mechanical issues can still arise, sometimes far from an open FBO. Our Pilot's Tool Kit provides the most common tools and other content to help get you airborne.

Buy at
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11/30/2023 05:07 pm GMT


Question: What Are Good Gifts for Pilots?

Answer: Good gifts for a pilot include a flight deck journal, a laser-engraved airplane clock, a classic coaster set, a commuter foldable scooter from GXL, a jet engine ottoman, a bomber jacket, a classic aviator shirt, a personalized travel charm, and a Bose aviation headset.

Question: What Does Every Pilot Need?

Answer: Every pilot needs a pilot certificate and medical, a headset (with spare batteries if necessary), an iPad with sectional and/or fore flight charts, a kneeboard with paper and pen, a backup battery and charging cables, snacks, and water, a screwdriver enabled fuel tester, non-polarized sunglasses, an extra handheld two-way radio, and survival gear and extra tools.

Question: What Do You Buy an Aviator for Christmas?

Answer: For Christmas, you can get your favorite pilot aviation-themed socks, solid cologne, airplane seatbelt buckles, a leather-bound aviator’s log, a custom passport holder, a Bose A20 pilot headset, a toiletry bag, am ADSB Receiver, and a Classic RAF pilot bag.

Question: What’s the Best-paying Airline for Flyers?

Answer: The airline with the highest pilot salary is United Airlines, followed by American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Hawaii Airlines in that order.

Question: What’s the Meaning of “Niner” in Pilot Language?

Answer: Pilots often communicate in their own language to avoid misunderstandings over radio transmission. For instance, “niner” means nine, “fife” means five, and “tree” means three.


Being a pilot is arguably one of the best and coolest jobs in the world. If you’re buying a gift for your pilot friend or loved one, you may want to get something that hails their career without looking tacky. 

From custom pilot signs to state-of-the-art flight technology and even a funny coffee mug, you’ll surely find something above that’s ideal for your favorite pilot, not to mention, gifts that are also for mechanical engineers too. If you are also looking for something more personalized like beer lover gift ideas or gifts for someone who loves baseball, these are a must check guides, of course.

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