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The Best 29th Birthday Gift Ideas – Unique Gifts!

The age of 29 represents a milestone. It’s your last year before turning 30 so, this particular birthday should be celebrated big time. If your friend, loved one, or family member is about to reach that milestone, you should start thinking about the perfect gift that will make her or him happy.

Before purchasing anything, you should think about certain aspects such as your friend’s lifestyle, her or his hobbies and interests, etc. Are they modern or old-school? Are they sporty? What kind of music or books do they like?

Below, I have created two separate lists of some of the best gift ideas for women and for men. Enjoy browsing through them! I hope they will inspire you!

The Best 29th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

In today’s world, 29-year-old women know how to keep themselves busy. Some already have a career or have already received that big promotion they were hoping for.

Others work while also having kids, whereas some of you might still be single and ready to mingle or still figuring out what your true life purpose is. Don’t worry too much about that because each person grows at her own pace. Whatever a 29-year-old woman chooses to do with her life, she is worthy to receive some of the greatest gifts out there.

1. Home Gadgets

Most women who’re about to turn 29 are independent and live in their own homes. So, useful and practical gift ideas like robotic vacuums, kitchen gadgets, and entertainment gadgets are definitely the winners.

a. Amazon Echo Dot

This device works on voice recognition and your friend can use it to keep herself informed, listen to her favorite music, and even remotely control the lights as well as other devices in her home. The Amazon Echo Dot features Alexa, the well-known cloud-based voice service.

To activate it, you must ask questions about what you want to find out like the weather and traffic jams. The device will even tell you sports scores, informational replies, and keep you updated on the news. Echo can also be used as a small speaker and syncs with many music programs, from TuneIn to Prime Music.

b. Beast Tumbler Insulated Coffee Cup

If your friend is very conscious about protecting the environment, you should definitely consider offering her this insulated tumbler that keeps all hot beverages, including tea and coffee, at a warm temperature. In fact, the Beast Tumbler keeps the drink hot for a maximum of 12 hours at a time.

One of the things I love about this gift is represented by all the magnificent colors that you can choose from: coral, black, royal blue, sand, orange, stainless, army green, purple, red, white, and more.

This cup is the perfect gift if your friend is on the go most of the time or if she enjoys going to the gym or hiking. The product comes with a couple of durable straws made of steel as well as a brush that you can use to clean the straws.

c. Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp

This pink crystal lamp made of Himalayan salt is handcrafted and looks beautiful, not to mention it is said to have many health and respiratory benefits. Although this isn’t proved by science yet, many people say it cleans the air from toxic particles.

Other people use it to calm down and find a state of peacefulness. You can basically place this lamp anywhere you want, on your bedroom’s nightstand, on the kitchen table, or even in the guest room. It comes in a pleasing amber color and features a cord that you must plug for the lamp to work.

This night lamp is supposed to provide holistic health by increasing and balancing the ionic air of your living areas.

2. Jewelry and Accessories

A classic and timeless jewelry piece makes any woman happy. Take a look at your friend or girlfriend’s accessorizing style to see what types of items she truly enjoys wearing. If you can afford it, you should focus on statement pieces such as a delicate necklace, diamond earrings, or a gold watch.

a. Diamond Bracelet Watch by Anne Klein

The Anne Klein women’s watch is a mesmerizing accessory with a luxurious look and your birthday friend can wear it to her office or keep it for special occasions. The bracelet features an elegant rose gold finish and it has an adjustable link.

This watch is versatile. In other words, you can wear it together with numerous outfits. It comes in a classy white box with the brand’s logo written on it. My favorite is the rose gold and green screen option, but you can choose from all the available design combos: black and silver, gold and green, rose gold and pink, and the bold mix of gold, silver, and blue.

b. Infinity Bracelet

An infinity bracelet is a token of your friendship and appreciation for the birthday girl. This silver bracelet has a beautiful and elegant design. The item itself symbolizes lifetime friendships and everlasting love; your close bond and long-time connection.

Some say that this item can also stand for values such as strength, empowerment, and eternity. Your friend will certainly love it and will wear it as often as possible, if not every day. It is a great and delicate gift for a feminine yet strong and independent woman. It comes in a cute white gift box.

3. Books

I am a book lover so shower me with books! A good book makes me escape reality and avoid boredom. Fictional books can help you relax, unwind, and enter into a world of fantasy. Non-fictional books such as personal development ones will help you grow as a person. So, a book is always a thoughtful gift idea.

a. The Bucket List Book

Live no less than 1000 big and small adventures by going through this book. The Bucket List by Kath Stathers is fantastic and captivating on numerous levels. It is very inspirational, especially for women who are travel addicts.

It can also work as an exquisite and engaging coffee table book that can start many interesting conversations. The book includes plenty of adventures and activities, and all of them are very specifically located. There’s something for each and every type of personality, from outdoor lovers to creative artists.

b. The 52 Lists Project Book

If your friend is the kind of person who loves to make lists and journal things, then this book could be the perfect gift for her. There are no less than 52 different kinds of lists in there, each with its own theme and interesting topic, from one’s goals for the New Year to favorite movie characters, and other ideas.

The 52 Lists Project by Moorea Seal has beautiful illustrations and an elegant overall look. Basically, this journal comes with weekly journaling inspirational ideas that will last her a whole year. It will help your friend to discover new important things about her inner self such as the things that she considers obstacles that prevent her from accomplishing her dreams.

You could say that this is a personal development type of journal.

4. The Perfect Gift Idea for a 29-Year-Old Mom

Many women who’re about to turn 29 have kids. If your friend is one of them, you should offer her a gift that helps her relax like a pampering spa day, a get-away trip for the weekend, a beauty treatment, or, why not, a purse organizer insert.

Mothers must carry a lot of items around when they leave the house. This useful bag organizer will keep all her stuff separated and in place due to its 13 different pockets, three of which are located on the exterior.

It also comes with a detachable key chain which will prevent her from ever losing her keys. There are no less than 12 available colors that you can pick from, based on your friend’s personal taste: black, beige, pink, red, grey, yellow, and more.

The Best 29th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Is your best friend, brother, or lover about to turn 29? Well, then you must start searching for an interesting and unique gift for him. Finding a great gift for him will be tricky but I hope the following alternatives will inspire you.

1. Concert Tickets

If your guy loves to party and he’s into concerts and shows, you should buy him concert tickets to see his favorite band or singer perform live on the stage. All music lovers will appreciate this gift, for sure.

If your husband or boyfriend will soon turn 29 years old, you should re-create one of the romantic dates you used to have in the beginning when you were just getting to know each other. Who wouldn’t want to relieve those magical moments?! I would!

This type of present will create many long-term memories.

2. Golf Lessons with a Pro

If your fellow is passionate about golf and has already purchased tons of golf-related tools, gear, and accessories, one of the best 29th birthday gift ideas would be to surprise your friend with the opportunity to be trained by a true PGA professional. I bet he will see this as a unique and very special chance.

3. BBQ Set

Many guys love to prepare a delicious BBQ and they already have tons of experience in flipping those steaks like pros. But, to become even greater at barbequing, they need the proper tools. So, here’s where you come in by offering your friend an amazing BBQ set.

One of the most complex and comprehensive BBQ kits I could find is the one that contains an impressive 34 different tools and grilling accessories. All of them are made of stainless steel and they are very durable. The tools come in a nice carrying bag and among them, your friend will find:

  • Grill tongs;
  • Cleaning brushes;
  • A fork;
  • A meat knife;
  • One meat thermometer;
  • Shakers for pepper and salt;
  • A grill glove;
  • Kitchen shears; etc.

4. Camping Kit

If your guy loves the great outdoors, you might consider offering him a camping kit. A good camping kit must contain all the necessary gear essentials:

  • A sleeping bag – made of high-quality fabric that will keep your friend warm;
  • An insulated sleeping pad – this will keep him warm and comfy;
  • If your budget allows it, you can also include a tent, unless he already owns one;
  • Survival kit – that includes elements such as flashlights, knives, bottle and can openers, etc.;
  • A small heating stove – a convenient item for camp cooking;
  • Durable cookware – insulated mugs, small pots, and other containers;
  • Additional items – a cooler, a camp chair, a raincoat, or a rain poncho, etc.

5. Back and Neck Massager

The Shiatsu massager made by MaxKare will relieve tension from your friend’s shoulders, neck, and back. It uses heat and it can be used at home or at the office. Your guy can even use this massager to relax his leg muscles.

This product is a great gift since over 70% of the reviews are positive, being written by satisfied customers. The user can adjust the massager’s intensity. It is made of a premium durable material, a combo of PU leather and breathable mesh.

It is very easy to use and feels comfortable. The item even comes with a special feature that helps you avoid overheating.

The Best 29th Birthday Gift Ideas – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Are the Best Gifts to Offer to Someone Who’s Turning 29?

Answer: Some presents are suitable for women only, others fit the interests of men, while certain gifts can meet the expectations of both men and women alike.
Some great gift ideas for women are:
Makeup kits;
Accessories such as purses, a scarf, hats, etc.;
Gadgets such as fitness trackers, a reading device, portable chargers, etc.;
Clothing items: sweaters, leggings, dresses, etc.;
A vanity mirror;
Massage pillows;
Bath bombs;
Concert tickets;
Hair straightening or curling devices; etc.

Some amazing gift ideas for men:

All sorts of subscriptions to magazines, beer supply, raw meat, fitness programs, etc.;
Personalized items such as monogrammed whiskey stones;
Musical instruments;
Clothing items;
Accessories such as ties or gloves;
Sports gear;
Tech gadgets; etc.

Question: What Activities Should You Opt for When Your Friend Is Turning 29?

Answer: There are many fun and exciting things to do:
Organize a surprise party with all your close friends;
Go to a karaoke club and sing your lungs out;
Attend a stand-up comedy show or a concert of her or his favorite artist or band;
Have dinner at a fine-dining restaurant and make a toast for your friend;
Throw a cozy pajama party at home; etc.

Question: How Should You Throw a Birthday Party on a Tight Budget?

Answer: There are several things you can do to organize a nice and engaging party without spending a lot of money. Here are the most useful tips I can come up with:
Invite only the closest of your friends;
Look online for free printable that you can use to create invitations and other decorative elements;
Have the party at home instead of a restaurant;
Prepare the cake yourself – this could also be a great gift idea if you’re good at baking;
Go to thrift shops to purchase party supplies if needed.

Drawing to a Close

Like I said, turning 29 should be celebrated properly since it is a special moment in any woman or man’s life. So, if one of your close ones’ birthday is coming up, you should pick an amazing gift for that special person. Remember to always consider the other’s lifestyle and personal taste before choosing a specific present. 

Also, if you are looking for birthday ideas for someone who is not turning 29, here are some awesome ideas to check:

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